July 06, 2006

World Cup Predictions

What I think will happen1.

  • Germany wins against Portugal on Saturday.
  • Italy wins the cup on Sunday.

France is a good team, but I’m pretty much certain that they can’t win against Italy. Some more predictions:

  • Zidane will be magnificent in the final, but to no avail. Italy’s defense (especially Cannavaro, and Nesta if he’s fit) will not allow him any space.
  • France will probably score first, and it’ll be because of Franck RibĂ©ry. The man can fly I tell you.
  • Totti will be terrible, he’ll be substituted in the second-half.
  • Italy’ll come from behind and score in the second half. Expect someone unlikely to equalize, Gattuso maybe.
  • Extra time: expect a few good saves by Buffon, and then an Italian goal, maybe by Pirlo or Luca Toni.

Now if all this turns out to be right, I should switch careers and become a full-time prophet.

  1. No guarantees.


The Unrest Cure said...

Ribery was not in the original scheme of things, and was brought in because of public demand. :D

Vivek said...

As of 20:45 on Sunday, one of your predictions has been accurate. Let's see whether the second one also turns the same way.

Ankit said...

I called it, but not as accurately as I hoped. Two things got in the way: Zidane's penalty and Zidane's red card. Would never have guessed that one.

But I'm thrilled anyway, Italy won!

Vivek said...

Any more predictions, oh modern day Nostradamus?

The Unrest Cure said...

Is there a queue outside your house? O' Ankit the all knowing, all seeing - will you grant us a darshan?

Oh, only if you had predicted that France would win, things might have been different.


Ankit said...

Cannavaro is my man of the match.

The first prediction was free. I'm going to charge for the rest. Any takers? :)