August 12, 2006


I apologise for the lack of posts here. Not that having a like is something to apologise for, but I’d made a personal commitment to post more which I don’t seem to be able to honour. Plus the fact that I’ve had plans for so many good ‘essay-like’ posts that I have not been able to materialize.

I started my technical training recently. It’s a change from college, to say the least. I’m used to my time being my own, and doing things in the manner and speed I want, that having a strict schedule’s been quite a shock. My body’s not adjusted to the routine yet, and I feel tired when I’m not in-charge of my life.

I’ve had quite a few wonderful chats (both off-line and online) with friends in the last week. Good ideas have occurred to me this week. Plans have been laid down sub-consciously that I’m not even aware of. Life is changing faster than I can comprehend.

And I’ve already forgotten most of it. I’ve a terrible memory for specifics. I remember that I had a great conversation with so-and-so person about some vague topic, but for the life of me I can’t recall anything specific about it. At least with online chats, I can keep a history (not that I ever read my logs). Remembrance comes very hard to me. I may understand something, have made a decision about some matter, but will promptly forget it later until the time I need to recall that. When I really need some details, I can dig them up somehow—otherwise me trying to pick my own brain is hopeless.

I’ve even considered keeping a thought journal, but that seems too weird even for me. Blogging seem natural, but writing my thoughts down privately somehow seems to be dis-tasteful.

Of course, when I’m not getting bored with technical stuff I already know, being intrigued with technical stuff I hadn’t thought of, trying pathetically to socialize a little (I do take advice, though it is quite a rare occurrence), or having a terrible commute to ’n’ fro’ the training centre, I’m reading (what else?). Guess that does not leave much time for anything else.

Still, things are only bound to get better from now on.


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