August 27, 2006


I’m am not destined for greatness. Nor do I aim to achieve any form of greatness. I’ve never tried to be really good at anything I do … I always aim to be, quoting Gattaca here, ‘as good as any, better than most’.

Competition drives me to better myself, and only to a certain limit. If it gets too hot, I’ll promptly give up and not feel sorry for it. I’ve never had the drive to become the ‘best’ at anything.

I perform best when I know I can beat the game. I like challenges, but not ones that deserve all my attention. I can always find other interesting things to do, one aspect of my life should not occupy all my time.

Guess I’ll never turn out to be a workaholic. Then again, I won’t ever be the top guy at anything as well. I don’t give a damn.

Still, watching someone at their best leaves me feeling a mixture of awe and disdain.

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